Worlds finest fundraiser


What?: We will be selling World's Finest Chocolate Bars! Flavors: Milk, Dark, Almond, Caramel, Wafer, Crisp. Each box contains 60 bars mixed flavors. Money raised will go directly towards covering student state and national competition fees, supplies, hotel, and food.

Where?: Students can sell AFTER school and of course, at home and to businesses outside of school hours. They may take pre-orders during the school day.

Cost: Each bar costs $1 and for every bar sold, students will earn .47 cents. Students also have big prize incentives to sell the most!

Dates: TBD

Thank you very much for helping to support our students! This chocolate, by the way, really is the world's finest! MELT IN YOUR MOUTH! If you still want to contribute and do not wish to purchase any chocolate, please visit our donate tab. Thank you!